Hope Is Where the Heart Is

Board of Directors

We have spent years imagining and talking about healing sanctuaries, since we first began working together, over 10 years ago at New Mexico State University. That shared vision of seeing a world that values Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Women, People of Color, Underserved Communities, Indigenous Peoples, and the injustices created through Western methodologies was the impetus for the Creation of

Luna y Sol Sanctuary. We challenge oppressive ideologies and support dialogue, decolonization strategies, culture, drumming, ceremony, and sound for healing; plant and herbal medicines, talking circles, story telling, art, connecting with relatives, sharing nutritious food together, connecting with nature and the elements, all as viable ways for healing. We acknowledge the impact of colonization and seek to support healing for historical and intergenerational trauma. This is truly a labor of love grounded in the Earth, Guarded by the Stars and Guided by our Ancestors. We are starting small and have big dreams for spreading our message for creation of healing sanctuaries that are sustainable and grounded in Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

Our current space is virtual and we are spread across several states. Connect with us via email or phone or zoom for mentorship, consultation, guest speaking, cultural awareness training, dissertation support for Native & Indigenous scholarship, advocacy and resource support. Contact us for a consultation. 

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Laura Luna, Ph.D., Xicana, Chichimeca


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Lisa Grayshield, Ph.D. Washoe Tribal Member

Vice President

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Marilyn Begay, Ph.D. Diné Nation


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Karen Snake

Chief Financial Officer