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Our Story

Behind the Scenes

LUNA y SOL SANCTUARY is committed to bridging wellness and holistic healing services to underserved communities and to educating helping professionals who serve those communities.

It all began, when Dr. Luna was a doctoral student learning to understand her own position as a colonizer-colonized Mexica-Indigenous woman of color navigating a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.

Through numerous conversations, engaging in critical and reflective dialogue, with Dr. Lisa Grayshield, her then professor of Psychology of Multiculturalism, at New Mexico State University, and through engaging Native Indigenous traditional ceremonies, she began to raise her consciousness and 'awaken' into her healing journey and into her path of Self-Actualization.

Growing up with limited social and economic capital, Dr. Luna understood the need to provide access to healing that was both culturally and financially accessible. Anyone who needs and seeks and is willing to receive support, should have access to it. 

We are committed to bringing forward decolonizing methodologies in education and mental health systems.

We are committed to providing holistic healing services that honor the whole person and that are culturally sensitive.

We are committed to enhancing and empowering the lives of women from all walks of life.